A collection of 5,555

Super Monkey Club

Total Supply - 5,555

Mint is Live

The Project

Super Monkey Club is a collection of 5,555 Apes living on the Polygon Blockchain. Each Apes consist of Super Apes base, Outfit, Face, Hat and Face Accessory. Over 150 assets have been put together and randomised to create these Magical Apes!

Own your own digital Apes, except these are SUPER! Super Monkey Club rarity comes in various shapes and forms, from SUPER to LEGENDARY.

An amount of legendary Super Monkey Club NFT will belong to the random minting. Anybody has the potential to get a 1/1. If a Super Monkey Club is amazing, then image how Legendary a Legendary is?

Our roadmap is geared towards community building and brand expansion.

Our mission is to make Super Monkey Club THE brand recognised project for Super Monkey Club. 'If you think of a Super Monkey Club, it's a Super Monkey Club. Super Monkey Club NFT motto is to create a community that’s welcoming to every being. A % of profits will go to the Super Monkey Club Community Wallet - The community will vote how and when to use it.

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THE Super Monkey Club ROADMAP

15% Sold

Super Monkey Club NFT art contest! We’ll be selecting multiple winners and giving away ETH/MATIC prizes.

25% Sold

3 ETH will be donated to charities picked by the community.

50% Sold

12 ETH will be added to the community wallet.

75% Sold

Collaboration with other artists. Team will start working on Merch!

100% Sold

12 ETH will be added to the community wallet. Holders will benefit from exclusive giveaways. New and exciting unlockables for holders!

Future of Super Monkey Club NFT

This is only the beginning for Super Monkey Club. Once Super Monkey Club are sold out, we will work with the Community to bring Unique ideas to life and continue growing this project!

Our team is very excited to develop the Super Monkey Club NFT as a brand, and not only as an NFT collection!


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How to Mint Super Monkey Club NFT ?

You can mint Super Monkey Club NFT using Metamask wallet on the day of our launch. After connecting your wallet to the website, you can mint a max. of 10 Monkey per transaction.

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When Super Monkey Club?

Super Monkey Club NFT will be available for minting in 30 March 2022 . Pre sale starts on Feb 30th and public sale on Feb 31th!

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How many Super Monkey Club NFT Will There be?

There will be 5,555 Super Monkey Club.

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How much is each Apes?

Minting each Apes costs 30 MATIC

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Why should i mint a Super Monkey Club NFT?

The Super Monkey Club NFT is a project with a team of people from the same industry who know each other IRL and we are rock passionate about it. We’re looking forward to growing Super Monkey Club NFT with the help of the community, in which we’d love for you to be part of.

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How Can I join the Super Monkey Club NFT community?

You can be part of the Super Monkey Club community by joining our discord, participating on our social media and, of course, HODLING a Apes

THE Super Monkey Club TEAM

A Super Monkey Club team of 3 most of whom know each other IRL. All strong NFT OG’s and Product Design background people.

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Tech Development

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Created by Super Monkey Club Team with love 2022